The Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB) is a Nigerian entrance examination board for tertiary-level institutions. The board conducts entrance Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination for prospective undergraduates into Nigerian universities. The board is also charged with the responsibility to administer similar examinations for applicants to Nigerian public and private monotechnics, polytechnics, and colleges of educations. All of these candidates must have obtained the West Africa School Certificate, now West African Examinations Council, WAEC, or its equivalent, National Examination Council (Nigeria), NECO.

Jamb Result

But what exactly happens when you get arrested?

The most important thing with a police encounter is to determine if you are actually being arrested or not.

If you’ve had any experiences with the police,
you’ve likely noticed that they’re super polite
most of the time, asking you nicely, “Would
you mind standing over here please?”, …

We all know that junk food is no good for us, and and we know the effect of junk food, yet it remains the most popular type of food in the world. …

Thinking about taking a bath with a donkey?
Fancy getting drunk in a British pub?

Well think again as these potentially harmless
activities and many more could well land you in trouble with the long arm of the law with some Strange Laws that Still Exist.

Laws of the land…

Despite their crimes, many men and women with symmetrical faces and without distinguishing characteristics never make the FBI Most Wanted.
They must have marks, scars, tattoos, or stand
out in some way in order to make the cut.
Otherwise, they won’t be identified.
Fortunately, quite a few murderers have something…

If anything is too exciting, you can suspect something is probably wrong about it.
Adolescent and early adulthood is just too
exciting, no wonder most of us make several mistakes at a time like that.

In this article I will be sharing with you 10 mistakes most young people make…


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